JK Fenner

Gear Boxes and Geared Motors

A range of gearboxes and geared motors by J K Fenner available for a wide range of load capacities and speed ratios.

Bevel Helical Gear Reducer

Leverages the advantage of high accuracy of helical gears with higher stability and lower noise level.

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Worm Geared Motor

FW Series Geared motor has a high reduction ratio,flexible mounting and a power rating range of 12 kW-15kW.

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In Line Helical Geared Motor

Capable of exhibiting optimum torque density and can be connected with a wide variety of motors such as normal motor, brake motor etc.

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Vibrator Motor

Fenner Vibrator Motor generates powerful centrifugal force vibrations, has a rugged construction for tough environment and gives noise free performance.

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Parallel Helical Geared Motor

A very wide choice of final driven speed can be determined by the use of the ratios, with different motor frame size adaptors to mount, according to the application need.

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Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

A shaft mounted speed reducer conveniently reduces speed and eliminates the use of flexible couplings and external belt arrangements.

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Worm Gear Box

Engineered for giving optimal life even when subjected to run under the most severe applications.

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A wide range of pulleys for efficient power transmission.

V Cool Pulleys

Lightweight, dynamically balanced pulleys with high tensile strength suitable for higher rpm.

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Multi Rib Poly V Pulleys

Designed for Poly-V belt drives, primarily used in compact and energy- saving applications.

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Timing Pulleys (Including Taper-Lock Bushes)

Timing pulleys are manufactured from superior quality cast iron, are precision machined and have grooves to perfectly match the belts.

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Taper Lock Pulleys (Including Bushes)

Fenner Taper-Lock pulleys are India's first standard range of metric pulleys. Precision machined and have dual duty grooves.

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A wide variety of couplings for efficient power transmission.

Essex Jaw Coupling

Essex Jaw Coupling has flexible insert caters for incidental, angular, parallel and axial misalignment. It has a simple construction and easy installation.

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Resilient Coupling

Resilient couplings give you the high power rating of a gear coupling and flexibility of elastomer coupling. Available in broad range of sizes, bores up to 267 mm.

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Gear Couplings

These Gear Couplings are distinguished by their mechanical flexibility and compensation of Angular, Parallel and Axial misalignment of the connected shafts.

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Bush Couplings

Simple and compact in construction, bush coupling transmits the torque through high tensile steel bolts to the machine input shaft.

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HRC Coupling

HRC Couplings are general purpose couplings with a flexible element which can accommodate higher degree of misalignment.

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Fenaflex Tyre Couplings

Fenner Tyre couplings provide all the desirable features of an ideal flexible coupling, including Taper Lock fixing.

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